Home automation is designed to make your life easier. Imagine coming home from work and the lights automatically switch on, the alarm turns off and the temperature is perfect because your heating or cooling is set to come on shortly before you get home. That’s what home automation does; it uses sensors, timers and apps to operate your home so it runs smoothly with minimal input from you. 

Once your home is automated, you will wonder how you ever managed before! 

Benefits of Home Automation

The three major benefits of home automation are safety, convenience and energy efficiency. Specific examples include: 

  • Smart Lighting (Control your lights from an app on your mobile, setting lights to come on and switch off according to a schedule or installing motion sensors)
  • Increased Home Security (Lock and unlock doors remotely and monitor who is coming and going from your home on your phone)
  • Customised Entertainment (Create audio zones and control them from your phone, automatically switch off appliances and close blinds once play is pressed on your home entertainment system)
  • Temperature Control (Control the climate in your home, so it is the perfect temperature all year round)
  • Easy Garage and Home Entry (Home automation eliminates the need for keys. Gain access to your home and garage via your phone)
  • Monitor Power Usage (Save money on your power bills by monitoring your usage and making adjustments to maximise efficiency. You can also programme appliances to switch off automatically when not in use.)
  • Garden Lighting Automation (Set up a schedule to automate your outdoor lights)

Our Smart Home Electrical Services

We offer a wide range of specialist home automation services including:

  • Keyless Access
  • Automated Lighting
  • Rewiring
  • Design and Installation
  • Surveillance Systems 
  • Programming
  • Multi-room audio
  • Home Cinema
  • Data and Communications 

We can fully customise your home to make it a more efficient, convenient and secure place. We can also integrate your system to work with Siri, Google Home or Alexa allowing you to control your devices with your voice. 

Automation is also a good option for holiday home owners. Not only can you create secure and easy access for guests, but you can monitor your property when it is empty and receive alerts on your phone if there is unauthorised access. 

If you would like a free consultation on smart home automation, please get in touch with the team at Walkers Electrical Solutions.